Taking a look at Torrevieja, its healthy climate and restorative powers

Published: 31st January 2011
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Recommended by doctors for medicinal reasons, Torrevieja has its own micro climate and according to the Health Organisation it is the healthiest place to live in the world. What better recommendation than from the W.H.O for your Torrevieja Holidays? The micro Climate here in Torrevieja is caused by the two salt lakes; they occupy 55% of the town with 300 plus days of sunshine a year Torrevieja Holidays has its benefits.

La Mata and Torrevieja are the two salt lagoons and have had their salt extracted for hundreds of years and sent to the far corners of the planet. Don't expect to find some of the salt on your dining room table as most of the salt goes to clearing roads and runways in Europe during the winter and to western Africa as a way to preserve meat in the hot sun. Certainly a small quantity of it goes towards the dinner tables somewhere though.

While at the salt Lakes you could also take a long mud bath which like the climate is recommended by doctors from all over the area because of its curative properties; certainly it is helpful for those with rheumatic or dermatological complaints not forgetting heart and respiratory problems. Either way if youíre feeling a little down, then while in the days and nights of Torrevieja suck up your lungs and breathe in the excellent air; let it wash over your lungs and you'll feel free from the stresses of the past few days.

The other great thing about Torrevieja Holidays is the remarkable lack of rainfall; November and February are generally the wettest months of the year and even then itís usually a heavy downpour lasting a few minutes or a couple of hours. Side roads can become flooded so take care when driving on your Torrevieja Holidays and apart from that downfall the rest of the time its cloudless sunny days. The coldest time here is December through to end of February but if youíre on your Torrevieja Holidays itís very probable that you'd hardly notice it and could easily find time to go swimming on the beach even then.

With your Torrevieja Holidays you'll find that it has very much kept its Spanish feel although a very popular town for English and other European Holidaymakers. You'll feel at home as virtually everyone speaks English and not such a commercialised environment as some of the Northern Costa Blanca resorts and definitely a typical Mediterranean relaxed lifestyle. Not only the weather and the healthy climate are ideal reasons for taking your Torrevieja Holidays but also the fabulous citrus groves that you see for miles along the many country roads. Oranges and Lemons were both imported to Spain by the Moors from when they controlled the region. Apparently - although I have yet to try it out - the law regarding the Oranges on your Torrevieja Holidays is that providing you eat the whole orange within the shade of the tree itself you can pluck it from the tree. Which means apart from the Healthy Climate for your cardiac, rheumatic and breathing problems there's all the vitamin C growing just yards away from the side roads.

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