On holiday near Torrevieja and want an idea for the spouse and her shopping days?

Published: 31st January 2011
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Shopping in Torrevieja? While on your Torrevieja Holidays what better way to enjoy your time than to send the Missus to the shopping centre? Oops cover my mouth in shame! Really guys, we should be going with them not sitting on a deck chair, glass in hand, waiting for the night to turn in and the clubs to open or sitting in the bar while watching the latest game on the TV. Although thatís very easy to do as almost every bar in town will have the big match on the TV. Why else come on Torrevieja Holidays if itís not for the sun, sea, cloudless skies, great night life and shopping?

Torrevieja is famous for its salt lakes palm tree lined shopping areas; the name "Torrevieja" came from a time when the small village came to be: a watch tower was built just on the edge of the sea. It was so badly built and so rickety that it became known as the old tower: La Torre Vieja. The little fishing village that grew up around it took the name over in the early 18th century, Torrevieja has stunning beaches, old plazas, fantastic parks, great weather, salt and shopping. You can have all day fun on Torrevieja Holidays; in fact a saying written on the city shield "white from salt, tan from sun" reminds us of the two basic elements of the town: salt and the sun.

There is so much to do here that you'll be able to come back time and time again on your Torrevieja Holidays knowing full well that you can do something completely different from the last time you were there. Anyway enough said your here on your Torrevieja Holidays and eager to know where you can take your wife or partner and where is the best Shopping district. Well straight away I have to tell you about Habenares.

Habenares is a huge shopping area on the main road out of Torrevieja opened in March 2005 and has so many beautiful shops to suit every taste every item you'll ever need, from groceries to dresses from toys to cars. If like me you can't stand by and watch your credit card slowly emptied by your spouse then there's always a few bars and cafťs were you can sit and wait, with magnificent views of the distant mountains Torrevieja Holidays fun for all shoppers. Of course here in Torrevieja there are many specialist shops. There are fashion shops, toy shops - you name it itís probably here. Most of the time itís cheaper than it is back home, careful though you know what the airlines are like these days with extra charges for overweight baggage. Enjoy your Torrevieja Holidays and certainly go shopping for some great bargains but watch the weight.

Other places to go would be the Town Hall the plaza and surrounding areas, all newly renovated in 2010 offering more fantastic shopping opportunities. There's also the Friday Market where the roads are closed to the traffic and they set up hundreds of stalls with everything from fruit to jeans at far better prices. Most of all though when enjoying your Torrevieja Holidays don't forget there is always the sand, sea, beer in hand and the TV.

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